The Benefits

Get the recognition you deserve: Today it's your turn

PMP certification could change your life...

Better Opportunities

Today many companies look to hire project leads who understand the latest process improvements systems and technology.

As a certified project manager you elevate yourself above the competition in the job market.

Higher Salaries

Certified project managers in the United States make an average of $100,019 and PMPs make between 21% and 28% more than non-PMPs (PMI® Project Management Salary Survey 2011).

Career Advancement

Many employees already engage in project management without even realizing it.  Becoming certified is a way of showing your boss the value of what you do and achieve the career recognition and salary that you deserve.

More Stability

Having a certification is about protecting you and your family from economic uncertainty.  Certified project professionals make an attractive hire and are more likely to keep their jobs when there's a downturn.

Total Convenience

With Brain Sensei's innovative learning program you can get prepare for your PMP exam anywhere using your tablet, smart phone or laptop.  Changing your life has never been easier.

Work at Your Own Pace

The great thing about Brain Sensei courses is that you can review modules as often as you need to (within your purchased timeframe).  We make it easy to study concepts on the train or on your break.  This is perfect for progressing through tough spots and studying for exams. 

Student Testimonials

Jeff Adams, age 26

"The samauri story is phenomenal! For someone like me working in the field and planning on taking PMP certification, this course is definitely something to look forward to!!"